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The Specifics of Sprouting

Never been able to grow plants from seed? Never tried?

I've bought my fair share of plants from the store, but they never seem to produce enough to be worth it. Also, stores tend to lack the variety you can get when you sprout from seed.

There's a lot of wisdom out there, but I've failed in some incredibly specific ways, so I figure I'll share my accumulated Dos and Don'ts.


- Start the seeds outside. Birds and squirrels will eat them and you will have a bad time.

- Use old seeds. They expire. Seriously.

-Don't forget to water regularly. Thirsty plant = dead plant.

-Don't transplant outside too soon. Wait until they have an established root system and some height.


- Start them in something with drainage. I used an egg carton I poked holes in.

- Research when you should start sprouting for your area. Texas= Early. Antartica= Never.

- Pick plants that can survive your climate. So basically just cactus

- Be aware of your pets, they'll nibble and knock over your plant-babies.

Probably the best advice I can give is to not give up. You won't have 100% germination, so sprout more than you need. Also, every plant takes a different amount of time to sprout, but NONE of them sprout over night, so be patient.

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