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Pesky Pets: A descent into madness

Y'all. I love my dog. I do. She's seriously adorable and loyal and beautiful.

And she digs. Like... A lot.

So anytime I try and grow a garden, I run a serious risk of her digging the whole thing up. It's like a roulette wheel of chaos. Sometimes the wheel lands on calm cuddles, other times it lands on f-ing up some plants.

So here's what I do.

The obvious stuff is to take your pet on lots of walks and make sure they have lots of toys to play with. If that still isn't helping, here's a few things I've tried to varying levels of success.

Let them dig somewhere, just not there

So the idea here is that you train your pet (and you know I'm talking about dogs) to stay out of a specific area of the yard. Instead of saying no digging, say no digging there. This will not work.

Make decoy plants and hide the real ones

I didn't mean to do this. I'd bought some silk flowers for a friend's wedding, but my cat ended up loving them and stopped trying to eat my house plants because he was so busy rubbing up against the silk roses.

Buy produce from the grocery store and pass it off as your own

No one will know. Everyone will know.

Don't garden

Let all your loves and passions die in service to your animals. Obviously. Anything else is just bad pet-parenting.

Reach a breaking point and start digging with them

It's a great workout and you can scare the neighbors.

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